Unfriending the Family

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I always wanted my 75 year old parents to get more tech-savvy. Well, they have, and now my Dad is harassing me on Facebook. Just when I thought it was safe to escape to the Internet and be who I really want to be, there he is, ready with a smart ass remark.

He says things about my photos with obnoxious comments that are angry and sarcastic, just like him. Some are just completely retarded. While I know that he’s “just joking,” as my Mom likes to excuse his hurtful behavior as, I can’t take it anymore. I’m almost 40 years old but it makes me cringe knowing that professional friends and casual acquaintances alike are being notified whenever he opens his mouth. I love my Dad, but I need some space.

So today I put an end to this harassment. I un-friended him. Is that bad?

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