I’m Here to Entertain You

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While we wait for direction on writing Jerry’s story, I’ve decided to get my name out there and start looking for freelance writing gigs I can do from the road.

But after 10 years of being self-employed and doing everything under the sun in our little business, I’ve discovered some new trends in resume writing and job seeking. I always knew these things were happening, but never gave a crap about them as we had a business to run.

But now that we’re about to part with a huge chunk of our life savings to pay for a property in Colorado, I’m getting a little nervous about funds, and want to start seeing more of them coming in.

This week I’ve spent hours putting together a professional freelance writer’s resume. Thinking I was riding the latest trend by creating a PDF resume, I’ve just learned that I should create an “entertainment resume” for today’s young whippersnapper decisionmakers with nanosecond attention spans. Geez.

If I feel old while job searching, I can’t even imagine what a real old fart feels like in this economy.

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