Get Me to a Farmer’s Market

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After living in a remote mountain town last summer, I chucked my long-term fantasy of living like Ms. Grizzly Adams out the window.

The one local store in this spectacular town just sucked. They left old zucchini on the shelf for weeks, and tried to sell beets that looked as sprouted as old potatoes. Everything was expensive, and the closest halfway decent grocery store was over an hour away.

Growing our own produce is unlikely at 9500′ elevation. After a month of living in that town, I knew that not only was this lifestyle impractical, but it would throw my vegetarian self into a state of malnutrition and scurvy.

I’m glad we found our happy medium this summer. Live somewhere close to a great town with lots of fresh produce and health food stores in the summertime, then, when the snow covers the ground and all that’s left on the store shelves are heads of wilted romaine lettuce imported from California, I’ll head south to where the weather is warmer and produce is still green and fresh.

Like the nomads we are, moving seasonally seems to be the ideal living situation for us. Everyone should try it!

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