Taking My Hobbies on the Road

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When I decided to pack up and hit the road for my long term RV adventure, I knew I’d have to give up some of my hobbies. That meant I had to say goodbye to my lust for bookmaking, card making, scrapbooking¬† and sewing. In my little RV, I have no room for these things.

So I took along a guitar, and knitting gear. Yeah, the guitar took up a lot of space, but I justified that by swearing that I was going to teach myself how to play it. The knitting doesn’t take upany room at all, as long as I don’t buy any new¬† yarn until I’m done with my current project.

Well, I tried to learn the guitar, but the truth is…my guitar is a piece of crap. I found it at a landfill, so I guess there’s a reason why it was there.

The knitting, I learned how to do, and have turned it into a lifelong hobby. It’s portable, and cheap, and no matter what I create or how goofy it is, I know someone out there will appreciate it.

But maybe it’ll take them a few beers before they do?

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