Badass Biker or Commuter Wimp?

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What an eye opener this warehouse job at Satan’s Castle has been. I suppose that my white collar work history has turned me into a wimp, because what I’ve learned is that those who do this kind of work for a living get treated like crap no matter where they make a living.

My own sister, who only finished high school and has worked many of these jobs, informed me of that fact the last time I whined to her. “Welcome to my world!” she said to me.

I feel blessed that there IS an end in sight to this shit job. This week I start working 12 hour days. I go in a 6 am, which means getting out of bed in freezing weather and pedaling to the warehouse at 5am. Well, I think I’m pretty rugged under most biking circumstances, but this is going to put my confidence to the test.

Biking to work under 20 degree, dark and freezing desert skies and battling thorny vines all the way there is either going to make me a real two-wheeled cowgirl, or it’s going to turn me into a wimp and make me hop in my toasty warm Dodge to get to work. We shall see.

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