Self Employed RVer Fails at Being an Employee

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Some of us are born to follow, others were meant to strike out on our own path. While I can’t exactly call myself a “leader,” I’m really awful at being a follower. My personality lies somewhere in the middle, which explains why I’ve been happily self-employed for the last 12 years, but don’t want to grow my company into the kind of huge entity that good capitalists are supposed to.

This much I know about myself: I cannot be part of an organization that does not value the individual. So if the company won’t value me for who I am, then I might as well be captain of my own dinghy.

I jumped Satan’s ship earlier this week. There was no way I could tolerate idiot managers breathing down my neck, feeling like a number and being treated even worse that that, for even one more day. I will not sell my soul again for the lure of a paycheck.

Although we barely covered the cost of our rent with this 30 day gig, I got something far more valuable than money can buy out of the deal.

A fire under my butt and a swift kick in the teeth to make our next venture fly . . .

or else live that nightmare over, and over, and over again.

I’d rather not, thank you.

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