My Simple, Rich Life

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Caught up in the pace of urban living, I found myself taking short shallow breaths while combating a nauseating feeling in the pit of my stomach as I sat in Friday afternoon traffic in my borrowed SUV.

Whenever I return to my hometown, I never feel like myself. I’m even more oddball than I ever was when I lived here nearly 15 years ago. At least back then I tried to fit in on the outside. My expensive hair and makeup and stylish clothes kept me in the game. But now I stick out. I’m different on the outside too, and it’s obvious I’m a square peg.

During my visits, I hopscotch around the social awkwardness, and keep myself focused on the things that await me outside of this madness called Los Angeles.

It’s good to be back, because it reminds me of how I really do have so much more in life.

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