Lost in the Crowd

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Been in Los Angeles for almost 1.5 months now, and I still feel like a fish out of water. Everything screams at me to be more beautiful, spend more money, and eat more food. There are too many distractions to get any meaningful work done. Money making ventures are falling by the wayside as we continue to spend income we don’t have.

Suburbia never changes. Every week, the neighborhood routines repeat their patterns. Each neighbor has a gardener that shows up on different days of the week, all of them generating ear-splitting noises that add to the aural pollution in the air. Kids go to school, parents to go work, dogs stay home and bark lonesome songs in their backyards. Night falls, and everything happens exactly the same when the sun comes up again. It’s all a very good reminder about what I do not want in this lifetime.

The lonesome desert landscape is calling my name. It’s time to go.

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