Stitch and Bitch Across America

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Ain’t nothing like a good stitch and bitch session.

And some wine helps too.

Since I hit the road nearly 3 years ago, I’ve tried other hobbies, but I keep coming back to knitting. I don’t really know why, other than it’s the perfect hobby for an RVer. But I never really finish anything because I’m always ripping out my stitches, and what I do make tends to look really, really dorky. I’m too broke to buy the really fancy homespun yarn (notice the HellMart special above), and even if I was crazy enough to buy it, I’m just not good enough to make anything cool with it.

I guess I like the way it makes my mind zone out for a while. It’s meditative, and keeps me from chewing on my fingernails (nasty, I know). But the problem with knitting on the road is, if I’m doing the navigating, chances are we’re going to miss our exit.

But then again who cares? It’s all about the journey, not the destination, right?

Hah, say that to my hubby when I tell him “TURN HERE!” and he has to swing our 40′ rig around a corner on a dime.

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