Your Money or Your Life?

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Freedom always has its price, and it’s usually not having enough money to do the things you really want to do.

Living on the road is a great lifestyle, but the problem with it is, when you arrive in new places and there’s lots of cool stuff you want to experience, these things usually require spending money. As a permanent road tripper, we’re not exactly loaded. But that’s our choice, I’m not complaining.

It’s just that when you’re so tight on funds, even a five-dollar museum requires careful consideration. That five dollars could go toward another night at an RV park, or it could be applied to a dinner out. Since food is essential to our survival and museums are not, usually, food wins.

Striking a work / life balance when you choose a vagabondish lifestyle can be almost as tough as looking for that balance when you’re chained to the conventional life. In that case, you usually have more money than memorable experiences.

So what shall it be? More money? Or more experiences? Only the individual can determine what makes her ultimately happiest.

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