The Ubiquitous They

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I did not write this. Baxter Black did, in “Hey Cowboy, Wanna Get Lucky?

But this hits home, because I often feel this way, especially as we travel America’s roads while getting screwed up the a$$ at the fuel pump.

“Sympathetic reader, have you ever been the helpless victim of some grand design? Does the term “eminent¬†domain” make you shudder? Did the new truck bypass leave your little Main Street business high and dry? Did they find an endangered species in your pasture and condemn your farm? Did they raise your taxes? Close your bank? Cancel your favorite TV show?


And who did these deeds that so affected you personally? The answer is, dear friends, the infamous “THEY.” They who are the wheelers and dealers, the seedy and greedy, the lickers and stickers, the kissers and pissers!


The honor bending, condescending, all important, influential, anonymous They. When They, these influential people, do something, they usually make waves. Innocent bystanders get washed away with the tide. That is not to say that influential people are mean-spirited or uncaring. They are simply unconscious of the far reaching consequences of their little amusements.”

I don’t buy Black’s assertion that unconsciousness is an excuse for the shitty things that They¬†are capable of in this capitalistic society of ours.

But it still made me go “YEAH!”



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