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The Ubiquitous They

High fuel prices and speculation scams appropriately described in Baxter Black’s “They” essay in Hey Cowboy Wanna Get Lucky.

I Hope My Heart Will Do

Simple giddy cowgirl doesn’t want Valentine’s Day presents, just patience.

Get Out There

Get out from behind the desk job and live life says my hero Edward Abbey.

Aging Well is No Secret

Common sense advice about aging well as heard on NPR’s Tell Me More Radio Show October 22, 2011.

Dope Smokin’ Blattaria

A pocha Latina’s shocking revelation about the lyrics to La Cucaracha.

Cold Mountain

Han-Shan and my reflections on Engineer Pass, Colorado.

My Living Room

Road tripping hippie looks out at the coming summer from her Colorado living room.

Foiled by the Kumomoto Oyster

Wanna-be vegan foodie can’t resist the Humboldt Bay kumomoto oyster.

Fight for Your Imitation Meat Foods

New vegan foods seen at Food Fight in Portland Oregon mean that vegetairan calamari and haggis demonstrate a turning point in our carnivore eating ways.

Love of My Life, Keeper of my Heart

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Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life.