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Taking My Hobbies on the Road

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When I decided to pack up and hit the road for my long term RV adventure, I knew I’d have to give up some of my hobbies. That meant I had to say goodbye to my lust for bookmaking, card making, scrapbooking¬† and sewing. In my little RV, I have no room for these things.

So I took along a guitar, and knitting gear. Yeah, the guitar took up a lot of space, but I justified that by swearing that I was going to teach myself how to play it. The knitting doesn’t take upany room at all, as long as I don’t buy any new¬† yarn until I’m done with my current project.

Well, I tried to learn the guitar, but the truth is…my guitar is a piece of crap. I found it at a landfill, so I guess there’s a reason why it was there.

The knitting, I learned how to do, and have turned it into a lifelong hobby. It’s portable, and cheap, and no matter what I create or how goofy it is, I know someone out there will appreciate it.

But maybe it’ll take them a few beers before they do?

My Secret Blog

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I used to keep an actual paper-based diary and could say whatever I wanted to.

But then I went electronic and started a blog. I made the mistake of telling the world about it. After a while, when everyone I knew started reading it, I realized: I can’t say what I really want to sometimes!

But now, with my own secret blog, I can finally say whatever the hell I want to.

So hang on tight and stay tuned for the real life adventures of our permanent RV sabbatical road trip. Finally, you’ll hear the real truth about the places we have been and people we have seen. As long as I keep my trap shut and don’t tell anyone about the Rubber Rose Review, I can get away with pretty much anything!

It’s a win-win for everyone.