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I Hope My Heart Will Do

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On this Valentine’s Day, I don’t want chocolates or champagne, a dinner out or silk lingerie.

You can’t buy what I want.

All I want, for now and always, is your patience.

As I try to be the best person I can be, every day of the year.

And that, my dear, is my present to you.

Every day is Valentine’s Day.

I love you forever and always . . .

I come to you with empty hands
I guess I just forgot again
I only got my love to send
On Valentine’s Day

I ain’t got a card to sign
Roses have been hard to find
I only hope that you’ll be mine
On Valentine’s Day

I know that I swore that I wouldn’t forget
I wrote it all down: I lost it I guess
There’s so much I want to say
But all the words just slip away

The way you love me every day
Is Valentine’s Day

If I could I would deliver to you
Diamonds and gold; it’s the least I can do
So if you’ll take my IOU
I could make it up to you
Until then I hope my heart will do
For Valentine’s Day

“Valentine’s Day” by Steve Earle

Love of My Life, Keeper of my Heart

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“A woman would run through fire and water for such a kind heart.”
– William Shakespeare

Kind heart, indeed.

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie pie.

I’ll run through anything for you, anytime.

Martha, What Were You Thinking?

Personally, I would’ve changed my name if I married Mr. Craver.

As seen in the super haunted Forest Lawn Cemetary in Brunswick, New York.

TMI in My Google Reader

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Ever since I discovered the Google Reader, I buy a lot fewer newspapers and magazines. I don’t watch TV, so all of the news I get is either from NPR, or the Internet.

This portable library is real handy for a gallopin’ hobo like me.

I’m not sure how many blogs, newspapers, or websites I subscribe to, but on any given day, I have at least 300 news items waiting for me in my Reader.

The problem is, what used to be something fun — reading — is now oftentimes a chore. I click through the long list of articles and posts, marking them as read, and only clicking through if the headline catches my eye. Sometimes this can take an hour!

I know I’m missing out on some great literature this way, but what else can I do? I don’t want to be left out. I want to be informed, I want to know what my fellow RVing friends are up to, my activist friends, my pet friends, and my simple living friends.

But if I’m just skimming the articles looking for points that catch my eye, am I really reading?

Google Reader is information overload at it’s finest.

Unfriending the Family

I always wanted my 75 year old parents to get more tech-savvy. Well, they have, and now my Dad is harassing me on Facebook. Just when I thought it was safe to escape to the Internet and be who I really want to be, there he is, ready with a smart ass remark.

He says things about my photos with obnoxious comments that are angry and sarcastic, just like him. Some are just completely retarded. While I know that he’s “just joking,” as my Mom likes to excuse his hurtful behavior as, I can’t take it anymore. I’m almost 40 years old but it makes me cringe knowing that professional friends and casual acquaintances alike are being notified whenever he opens his mouth. I love my Dad, but I need some space.

So today I put an end to this harassment. I un-friended him. Is that bad?

Happy Anniversary Baby

On May 17, 1997, we are reaching another milestone. Twelve years married, fourteen years together (you did know that, right?).

On that sunny Saturday afternoon so long ago, when we spoke our vows in front of friends and family, I honestly didn’t have a clue what twelve years in a marriage really meant. Now I think I’m getting it.

Lovin’ and bickerin’

Laughin’, moaning and pissin’

Talking, commiserating

Listening and arguing

Making up

Doing it all over again

Searching for paradise, making ends meet

And all the while, doing our best to be the people our dog thinks we are

Every year we’ve managed to pull of our dreams and aspirations. No dull moments in our life. Thank you for putting up with me, and being my loving, forgiving and tolerant husband.

We make a good team, don’t you think?

Trailer Stew

Well, it doesn’t surprise me that I can’t keep this blog regularly posted, but hey, I’m a busy cowgirl with a lot of miles to cover out west, I’ve got things to do.

And speaking of riding the range. It takes a lot of love and understanding when roaming with your beloved spouse.  We live in a trailer, in a space smaller than a lot of people’s bathrooms. Usually, we manage to get along, because ultimately we know we have no choice.This is the life we chose.

When we fight, there are no rooms to run and hide in, and my instinct to want to leave and go for a walk is squelched whenever the weather sucks, like today. So I’ll sit there and stew, because it’s hard to make up and move on, when I know that he started the whole thing.