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Raise Your Hand If You’re Sure

I have to say, I admire any girl who defies the norm and isn’t afraid to show it.

This was taken at the Slab City Prom, Niland CA, 3/27/10. Quite an interesting scene. If you dig Tom Wait’s music, you’d love this event.

Take a Chance, Before You’re Too Old and Afraid

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When I hear people in their 50s talk about how they wish they had started traveling when they were younger, I know that despite the financial uncertainty that my man and I live with, we made the right decision back in 2007 to chuck our old lifestyle and hit the road.

This great story about a mid-life couple shares the good and the bad about living the vagabondish lifestyle:

Turning Points: Sheri and Gregg Pasterick

Stitch and Bitch Across America

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Ain’t nothing like a good stitch and bitch session.

And some wine helps too.

Since I hit the road nearly 3 years ago, I’ve tried other hobbies, but I keep coming back to knitting. I don’t really know why, other than it’s the perfect hobby for an RVer. But I never really finish anything because I’m always ripping out my stitches, and what I do make tends to look really, really dorky. I’m too broke to buy the really fancy homespun yarn (notice the HellMart special above), and even if I was crazy enough to buy it, I’m just not good enough to make anything cool with it.

I guess I like the way it makes my mind zone out for a while. It’s meditative, and keeps me from chewing on my fingernails (nasty, I know). But the problem with knitting on the road is, if I’m doing the navigating, chances are we’re going to miss our exit.

But then again who cares? It’s all about the journey, not the destination, right?

Hah, say that to my hubby when I tell him “TURN HERE!” and he has to swing our 40′ rig around a corner on a dime.

Lost in the Crowd

Been in Los Angeles for almost 1.5 months now, and I still feel like a fish out of water. Everything screams at me to be more beautiful, spend more money, and eat more food. There are too many distractions to get any meaningful work done. Money making ventures are falling by the wayside as we continue to spend income we don’t have.

Suburbia never changes. Every week, the neighborhood routines repeat their patterns. Each neighbor has a gardener that shows up on different days of the week, all of them generating ear-splitting noises that add to the aural pollution in the air. Kids go to school, parents to go work, dogs stay home and bark lonesome songs in their backyards. Night falls, and everything happens exactly the same when the sun comes up again. It’s all a very good reminder about what I do not want in this lifetime.

The lonesome desert landscape is calling my name. It’s time to go.

Getting Back on the Horse

I’m on the road again, getting used to this mobile lifestyle. We had our share of rough times the other night, running out of fuel, a dog who’s scared and out of control, and me falling into a wet muddy ditch.

Then two days later, we ran out of propane, and our water system froze during a particularly cold night in Nevada.


Man, we are soft as marshmallows compared to the Pioneers who crossed America and considered this historic crapper a luxury.

When times get rough, we have to remind ourselves of all that we DO have, instead of whining about what we don’t.

Life could be a lot, lot worse.

Packin’ the Wagon for Winter

Well, we’re packing up the wagon, and gettin’ ready to ride the trails south for the winter. I’m trying to remember everything that’s supposed to go back in the wagon, but after being grounded for 3 months, it’s hard to do.

I’m already making plans for November through next spring. So much for a life of spontaneity.

But the life of a cowgirl is never that simple. There’s bills that have gotta be paid, because there’s livestock that need to be fed. Well, my dog anyways.

I’ll miss all the down home cookin’ and domesticity at the homestead, but adventure awaits. Yeee haw!

Meanwhile, the moose are visiting my homestead, looking at us going “you still here?”

Living Large on the Grid Again

There’s a lot to be said for off-grid living on the open range. It’s cheap.  You have a smaller carbon footprint. The scenery can be quite nice.

But when I’m sitting in a cow pasture campground, with shifty characters for neighbors, and always worried about how long I can run the water or the lights, it can make life a little frustrating if the scenery isn’t up to par.

Maybe I’m a wimpy cowgirl, but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do to make life more comfy.

Thank dog for having some dough in the bank so we can move the campground uptown for a bit. Now we are living large and on the grid.

Unlimited electricity. Woo hoo, what a party!