Where am I Again?

Road tripper Giddy Cowgirl gets antsy on the homestead, tries to figure out how to live in the moment.

Prayer Flag Ponderings

Throwing my Buddhist prayers into the Santa Fe sky for a better tomorrow.

The Wheel of Money

Yard sale queen Giddy Cowgirl works hard but money worries still keep her up at night.

Your Money or Your Life?

Paying the price of freedom while living like road tripping vagabonds.

My Dreadlock Journey Begins

Why and how I began the process of growing my dreadlocks.

Lost in the Crowd

Lonely living in the big city for this fulltime RVer woman.

Another Year Comes Around the Corner

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Fulltime RVer and business owner Giddy Cowgirl ponders her life in 2009 and wonders what she’ll do with 2010.

What I Would Give for Dog Hair on my Sweater

Knowing when the time was right to say goodbye to our beautiful dog.