Martha, What Were You Thinking?

Funny gravestone at haunted Forest Lawn Cemetary, Brunswick, New York

My Simple, Rich Life

Giddy RVer Cowgirl appreciates the simple life even more when she returns to Los Angeles.

Self Employed RVer Fails at Being an Employee

Workamping job helps young RVer discover uncertainty of self-employed life is better than a job.

Badass Biker or Commuter Wimp?

Freezing Nevada weather puts workamper Giddy Cowgirl to the test.

Hanging by a Thread

After a long sabbatical and taking time off from the entrepreneurial life, Giddy Cowgirl is ready to make money again.

Get Me to a Farmer’s Market

Living in a remote mountain town has its disadvantages for vegetarians and foodies.

Oh Why Do I Dye?

Giddy cowgirl wonders why she continues hiding her gray hair roots with dye.

I’m Here to Entertain You

Freelance writer searches for work in the entertainment economy.

Wondering Why We Work at Jobs We Hate

Wondering why we work at jobs we hate.

Trailer Stew

Learning to live in an RV with your spouse.